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I saw the Ogo Sport Disc during some random internet shopping, and they looked like they would be fun to play with. I did not realize how fun they would be though until my son started playing with them.

ogo sport 1 copy

They are round discs that have a springy fabric center. You use a koosh type ball with them and hit the balls back and forth. They come in a large size that almost forces you to use both hands to hold the disc, and they also have a mini size. The one in the pictures is the mini size.

ogo sport 2

The Ogo Sport discs are fun to play with multiple people hitting the balls back and forth, and they are fun to play with one person, just hitting the ball up in the air. It is wonderful for working on eye hand coordination and visual tracking.  If you use the larger discs, they are good for bimanual hand use as well.



  • Visual motor
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Visual tracking
  • Bimanual hand use

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