Balloon Volleyball

Balloon Volleyball is such a simple game to play that is fun for young and old. It can be played standing up or sitting down, although when sitting down, someone will need to retrieve the balloon when it is out reach. I don’t think I need to say this, but will, just in case. The balloon needs to be blown up by lung power, no helium, or the balloon will fly away. Some settings do not allow latex balloons, so {Read More}

Car Mat for Pre-Writing

Young pre-school kids love playing with cars, and they are developing a whole slew of skills while they are playing. It is the perfect activity that is simple, can be self-directed or adult influenced, and every part of the activity works on a skill that is needed in life. When you play on a car mat, you use the car to follow the roads, find the gas station to drive to and fill up your car, turn left, turn right, {Read More}

Pool Noodle Batting and Hitting Suspended Balls

Pool noodles make great bats, and have several factors that make them perfect for the job in therapy. You can cut them to just the right length for the person using them They are soft so if you get hit by it, it won’t hurt you They are fat, which makes it easier to hold on to for some people I like to use a balloon or beach ball, or even suspend a ball with a string for the student {Read More}

Hammock swing for strengthening

A hammock swing is wonderful for strengthening in many different ways.  My favorite position in a hammock swing is prone with just the head and arms sticking out.  This position forces weight bearing on the arms, and works on full upper body strengthening as well as core strengthening. I usually place things around under the hammock, but just out of reach so that the client has to pull themselves along to reach the toys.  It is great to encourage movement, {Read More}

Kbeu Mom and baby for fine motor skills

I was sent this K-BEU Mom Pillow and baby to try out and see how it works for the clients that I see.  I have the Kbeu dad available here, and use it for some higher level kids that need a challenge.  I also got a baby when I got the Kbeu dad, and the baby has been a favorite of mine and the kids that I see.  It is easier to put things in its mouth, and to take {Read More}