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The Monkey Hand Exerciser

I have wanted to post about this little Pediatools monkey pediatric hand exerciser for about a year now, but I had only seen it on the internet, and had never seen one in person, so I didn't know if I loved it. Now that I have seen it and tried…
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Hammock swing for strengthening

A hammock swing is wonderful for strengthening in many different ways.  My favorite position in a hammock swing is prone with just the head and arms sticking out.  This position forces weight bearing on the arms, and works on full upper body…
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A video on how to make Tri-wall

Triwall is cardboard that is 3 layers thick.  In therapy we use it to make floor sitters and other positioning devices.  It is nice and strong, and easy to cut and glue together.  Here is a video I found on the web about how to…
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Dycem: It's the stickiest

I haven’t used Dycem for years since I haven’t been in a clinic for years. When I work on my own and in other people’s houses, I tend to use whatever is available there. For those who don’t know what Dycem is, it is a sticky non-slip…
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Low Tech solution from OT Tools

Another OT Blog that I enjoy reading is OT Tools for Public Schools.  She recently posted about using scrabble tiles for a student to write his name and do his spelling words.  She added velcro to the back of the tiles so that the student…
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Cardboard Bricks

These cardboard bricks are a large motor building toy that creates fun during other activities by incorporating the building and knocking down element. The best part about these bricks is that they are so much fun to knock down. When…
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The Kid-O Bilibo is a toy that is the shape of a turtle shell. It reminds me of one of the large pieces of equipment that I use in therapy to balance on, but on a much smaller scale. It couldn’t be used exactly the same, but it has its own…
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paraplegic exoskeleton

This is kind of a cool article on a walking device for paraplegics. You can read the full article.
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Shopping Cart

A toy shopping cart is a very necessary piece of equipment when working with pediatrics. It can be used for many things during imaginative play, and makes the child forget that they are working. When you go shopping, you can work on walking…

Ipad as a communication device

I just read a blog post by a woman who has athetoid cerebral palsy. She tested an Ipad and bought one once she confirmed that she would be able to type on it, even with her athetoid movements. It is inspiring that this new device is making her…
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Product Review: Bumbo Seat

Have you wondered if the Bumbo seat is useful enough to bother getting? I can’t tell you specifically if it is worth it to you, but I can tell you how I have used it in therapy. What it does: It is a little bucket seat that holds…
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I have talked about using a scooterboard for activities, and often suggest just using a skateboard if you can't get a scooterboard.  Here is a family that has done that. Check out the full post about using a skateboard.
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Therapy Chair

This is a little chair that I made over a year ago for one of my clients.  I had it posted somewhere else, and thought that I would add it here.  Honestly, it takes a long time to make, but it is cheap, and did exactly what I wanted it to…