Fun Fine Motor Spider Webs

I love the look of spider webs, and they are such a beautiful work of art. Here are some spider webs made out of pipe cleaner and popsicle sticks. You place the popsicle sticks (or other pipe cleaners) in cross patterns and duct tape them together. Then you wind the pipe cleaner around in a pattern to make the spider web. It is quite a visual motor challenge to get the pipe cleaner wrapped around correctly, but the great thing {Read More}

Munchy Ball Dress Up and New Colored Balls

It is fun to have a toy that is personalized and not the same as all of the others. We spent some time last weekend dressing up the Munchy Balls and making them unique. On some of them we used colored sharpies to draw on some permanent changes such as adding red lips, eyelashes, hair, and beards. On some other Munchies, we used craft foam to make funny hair styles and then stuck them on with hot glue. The hot {Read More}

Making Tents and Teepees with Writing Lines

When playing with the Munchy Ball with a young boy, we worked on making some houses. I tried to have him make a woven stick Teepee such as the one made by Timbernook, but our ground was too hard and we could not pierce it with sticks well enough for them to stay in place in order to do the weaving. So we moved on to craft sticks and duct tape, which worked well to make a tent style house. {Read More}

OT Life Hacks: #OTtips

In Occupational Therapy, our whole job is centered on making life a little easier and making sure that people can be successful.  Most of what I post about are activities to work on specific problem areas, but I have posted a few things that could be considered general life hacks.  Most of my tips are related to kids since I work with and spend most of my time with kids.  This month several OT associations are having an #OTLifeHack campaign {Read More}

Home Made Infinity Loop Toy

An Infinity Loop is a ball run that goes around and around, and you have to keep moving it to keep the ball on the run. Its beginning is its end and it just keeps going. I have quickly and easily made an infinity loop toy out of two sturdy paper plates and some duct tape. First you cut into the plate about 2 ½ inches and then cut around the inside to take the middle out of the plate. {Read More}