Feed the Animal Fine Motor Activity

I always love the fine motor activity of putting objects into a hole or slot, and it makes the task more fun and engaging when you are pretending to feed an animal. Plastic deli containers or yogurt containers are perfect to cut a mouth or slit into and draw on a face in order to make it an animal to feed. I made a frog face out of felt and glued it on to the deli container lid. He has {Read More}

Recycled Egg Carton Garden Games

Pinching small objects is great for working on fine motor skills, so when I saw this cute carrot harvest idea on Powerful Mothering. I immediately thought it would be perfect for some of the kids that I work with. I wanted to give it more of a purpose for the different aged kids that I see, so I made two different games out of it. For both of the games you turn the egg carton upside down and poke a {Read More}

Ball Push-ins

I really like using push-ins as an activity, but have usually used buttons to push into a slot. For an easier, more basic push in activity, I used balls to go into a see through container so that the kids could see the ball drop into the container. I used a tennis ball container because it is see through. I cut a hole into the top of the container, and then put duct tape around the hole to make sure {Read More}

Ribbon Pull for fine motor skills

Pulling on small objects is great for working on fine motor skills, and what better small object to pull on than a ribbon. I had some tennis ball containers, and thought that the fact that they are see through would make it even more fun and motivating because you can see the ribbon moving inside the container. Pulling on the ribbon requires strength in the pincer grasp.  To make it, I just sliced holes in the lid, and tied the {Read More}

Big mouth creature for feeding pom poms to

I saw this cute little creature on Pinterest, but it originally came from a blog called The Preschool Experiment.  He was so easy to make, and adds some fun to placing objects into a container. He is made out of a clean parmesan cheese container, and all he needs is pom pom eyes with googly eyes glued on.  I recommend using hot glue or another strong glue because they can pop off easily.  We then fed squinkies to the frog {Read More}