Current Monthly Specials

Spring is here and bugs and spring go together so well. This month we have the munchy ball bug quest game on sale as well as some bug clothespin games. Go check out what is on sale now.  The community is where I will share my digital downloads and members get discounts on my created products. Therapy Fun Store is a full functioning store with lots of therapy products available.If you have any difficulty, let me know at [email protected] so {Read More}

Functional Skills For Kids – Handwriting

We have been doing a series with a group of therapists about Functional Skills for Kids, and our first e-book is going to be available on January 23. We are very close to finishing final edits on The Handwriting Book, but before we finalize everything, we need your help to make sure this resource is as helpful and practical as it can be. Please take a moment to fill out this short, two-question survey.   Whether you have knowledge about {Read More}

Things You can do at Home to Help Your Child In School

Being able to function and participate in school will mean different things for different kids. So, it is best to look at your child and see what it is that they will need to work on in school, and then you can support the teacher to help your child work on those areas.   First lets lay out what some of the necessary basics are for functioning in school. Bare Basic School Needs Sleep.  It makes it really hard to {Read More}

Restricting Children’s Movement and Play Time Causes More Harm Than Good

Sit Still!  Be Careful!  Stop Spinning!  Get Down From There!  Why restricting children’s movement and limiting their ability to play outdoors causes more harm than good This is a guest post by Angela Hanscom, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Author of Balanced and Barefoot. You can also find the Balanced and Barefoot book on Amazon. As a parent of two young children, I can empathize with the parental fear that habitually gets in the way of childhood risk-taking. Our parental instincts {Read More}

I Love the Balanced and Barefoot Book

I was able to have a talk with Occupational Therapist Angela Hanscom, the author of Balanced and Barefoot, and the creator of the amazing TimberNook program. Her book was a refreshing read, and is inspiring me to think about how I can incorporate more nature and more natural experiences into my therapy sessions. The TimberNook program is a program that immerses kids into nature, where they can experience all of the sensory experiences that nature has to offer along with {Read More}