Seasons Button Tree

I have added another button activity to my arsenal of fun things to button. This one is a seasonal tree, so you can button on the different seasons. It includes white snow for winter, green for spring, orange and red for fall, and fruit of red or orange for summer. The tree itself I made reversible so there is a lush green on one side, and a tan for bare branches on the other side to simulate the seasons. I {Read More}

Pond Jump Fine Motor Game With Munchy Ball

I have been doing a lot with Munchy Ball and realized that he could easily be incorporated into games the same way that I use clothespins in games. Munchy Ball is a ball with eyes, and a mouth cut into it that opens his mouth when you squeeze the ball. It has great resistance to work on hand strengthening while putting things in its mouth. I made the pond jump game because the mini insects are the perfect size for {Read More}

Munchy Ball Motor Game

I have officially named my tennis ball head Munchy Ball, and I guess he is like a frog because he likes to eat little bugs. I made a little game to incorporate visual motor skills, motor planning, fine motor strength, and writing. I duct taped four little plastic tubs together and put a number in each one. Then we threw a squishy ball/bean bag into the basket. The number you landed in was how many bugs your Munchy got to {Read More}

Fun this week with tennis ball mouths

Just a glimpse of the fun had this week with tennis ball heads. I have another post about the tennis ball heads that turn into vampires. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop

Bug Splat Race Clothespin Games

I was searching for small rolling toys to use in a game and I came across these Cars Micro Drifters. They didn’t work for the game I was looking to use them for, but they were the perfect size and have a roller ball under them, so they move exactly the way I wanted them to, and I had to get them and then work out how I was going to use them. They were so perfect for my therapy {Read More}