Clothespin Flower Game

It is time for spring and flowers, so how about a new clothespin game where you have to build the flower petal by petal and use the clothespin to hold the petals onto the flower. There are several different ways to play the game.  The most simple way is to shoot the flat marble down the grid and land on a square.  The number in the square tells you how many flower petals you can put on your flower.  If {Read More}

Sugar Bugs Clothespin Game

I have been meaning to make a clothespin game with bugs and their legs (the clothespins) for a while, and have just finished it. It combines two of the kids’ favorite things, sugar and bugs. This game is great for any time of the year since there is no time of the year that sugar and bugs are not enjoyed, but it is definitely appropriate around Valentines day. The game uses a spiral game board shaped like a wrapped piece {Read More}

Build a Catapult

We did a craft this week that was a build your own catapult.  We made it from a catapult kit, and it involved placing pegs in holes and putting the pieces together.  It would be a great activity for older kids to follow directions and work on putting together an activity.  Once it is done, then there is lots of fun building castles and knocking them down again with the catapult. After building the catapult kit, I decided to do {Read More}

20 + Small Manipulatives for Fine Motor

When looking in my therapy bag, there are a few things that I always have with me. For higher level fine motor work, I always like to have small little manipulatives and some Training Chopsticks. I have posted about these items before, but they really are a great go to item that works on the skills that I want to work on. You can use almost any item as a small manipulative, and can use any tool in place of {Read More}

Can we practice handwriting without a pencil, please?

Let me start by saying that I’m probably one of the few pediatric occupational therapists who needs help with arts and crafts!  No, seriously!  I am so thankful for the many wonderful websites and blogs whose authors share some of the most incredible activity ideas with me!  And, Pinterest?  Well, I’m not really sure what I did before I joined that nifty “sharing and storage” site!  But, with that said, I can honestly say that I could not function as {Read More}