Favorite Summer Toy: Six Water Play Tools for Fine Motor Skills

A group of therapist bloggers have gotten together to share what our favorite summer toys or activities are.  This post is about my favorite summer toy, which is playing with water via squirt guns and other water tools.  In order to see all of the other favorite summer toys, you have to go to each of the other therapist’s blogs. Now here are my favorite summer toys and activities. Summer is all about water to me, and I try to {Read More}

Squint Junior Game for Visual Perception

I love playing the swish game for visual perception, and saw the Squint Jr Game , which has some similar components, so thought I would try it out. It has clear cards with lines on them that you have to match up to copy a design. In squint, you try to copy a shape with the lines on the cards. Some of the shapes are very difficult, but others are easy, so I have to pick ones that the student {Read More}

Munchy Ball Motor Game

I have officially named my tennis ball head Munchy Ball, and I guess he is like a frog because he likes to eat little bugs. I made a little game to incorporate visual motor skills, motor planning, fine motor strength, and writing. I duct taped four little plastic tubs together and put a number in each one. Then we threw a squishy ball/bean bag into the basket. The number you landed in was how many bugs your Munchy got to {Read More}

Scatterpillar Scramble: A Fun Game for fine motor skills

It is always fun to find a fine motor games that work on so many great Occupational Therapy skills, and Scatterpillar Scramble is one of those games.  The Caterpillar is standing up tall, and each of his legs has a little cup at the end of them to hold a little ball.  You use tongs to place the little balls in the cups. Placing the balls in the cups with fingers can be challenge enough for some kids, and then {Read More}

Monster Bowling

I saw these little Monster Marbles at Walmart, and had to know what they were. They are little monster characters with a marble on the bottom so that the figures roll across the table. They just come with the little monsters only, and I decided they were perfect to use in a game, so I created one. Initially I just drew some boxes with letters and scores in them. Here is a basic grid to play with for free.  I {Read More}