Fine Motor Skills

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Fine Motor Skills are the skills used when you move your hand to do an activity.  They involve the small muscles of the hand, and are necessary for performing many tasks in life.  A lot of activities help in the development of fine motor skills, including weight bearing on the hands, postural control and shoulder stability, and muscle development.  There are also many components of fine motor skills, some of which are, development of the arches of the hands, the thumb and its webspace, separation of the 2 sides of the hand which helps with in-hand manipulation, bilateral integration, and the development of hand and finger strength.


In-hand manipulation is the ability to move objects around in your hand, and there are three components.

  • Translation:  The ability to move an object from the palm of the hand to the finger tips and back to the palm.
  • Shift:  The linear movement of an object between the fingers such as moving your fingers up and down the shaft of a pencil.
  • Rotation:  The movement of an object with the finger around one or more of it’s axis, such as when you spin a pencil around with your fingers.

Handwriting is a big part of fine motor skills, as well as Scissor Skills.

Here is a list of development of milestones for fine motor control.  This is just a guide to help you see if there are any problems.

Below is a list of links to all of the activities posted that work on Fine Motor Skills