Game Made With Golf Tees and Marbles

This summer, we spent some time on Hawai’i, the big island. We had a wonderful trip, and while there we were introduced to the game Konane. It is a game that is usually carved into lava rock or wood, and the game pieces are black and white shells or stones. I reproduced the game by pushing golf tees into a cork board. It would be easier to use a foam board though. I placed the tees with 8 rows across {Read More}

Clothespin Games

I have been working on some clothespin games for at least six months now. I wanted to have a board to attach clothespins to, but to have the option to play several different games. I went through a lot of trials and errors before I came up with my current solution. I was trying to have a solution that would be easy for someone to make, and easy to change the game board. The board is made out of coroplast {Read More}

10 activities to do on a scooter board

Using a scooter board is great for strengthening both the arms and the trunk / core.  Sometimes just being on the scooter board is fun all by itself, but other times you need to provide kids with a purpose and motivation to move the scooter board from one place to another. Here is a short list of some fun activities to do while on the scooter board. Body Bowling.  Set up bowling pins at one end of the room, and {Read More}

My new favorite fine motor toy: connect 4 on the run

I was picking up some sidewalk chalk at the store the other day and just happened to look at this little Connect Four Fun On the Run Game.  It is connect 4, which is already a great fine motor game as I discussed in another post, but this new one is smaller, with smaller pieces that require more precise fine motor control to pull them out of the piece holder, and put them into the game spaces. I think that {Read More}

Low Tech solution from OT Tools

Another OT Blog that I enjoy reading is OT Tools for Public Schools.  She recently posted about using scrabble tiles for a student to write his name and do his spelling words.  She added velcro to the back of the tiles so that the student could stick them to felt. Looking to find printable activities? You can find them in the community shop