The Need for Nature

In our crazy lives of work, school, computer, TV, and weekend activities, sometimes I feel like we are not getting our essential dose of nature. Life gets crazy and hectic, and we get stressed and over whelmed. I could have had a difficult week of what feels like non-stop working and feeling stressed. I then will go for a simple walk in nature, and I look around and breathe in the smells of trees and fresh dirt, and I realize {Read More}

Managing Olfactory Sensitivity

I have worked with some kids who are very sensitive to certain smells, and they have trouble being in places where there are certain scents. Optimally, we want these kids to get de-sensitized so that they are free to go anywhere that they want to go, regardless of what scent is there. This is a very difficult thing to change because environmental smells are not something that we can usually control or modify. The kids have to figure out a {Read More}

Sensory Search in Rice and Beans

An activity that uses the tactile and visual motor sensory systems is to search for items in a box of rice and beans. You get a small box (shoe box size or larger) and put in some dry rice and beans so that it is about half way full. Then you need to get small toys that will be used in the rice and beans. You will need to take pictures of the toys so that the client can look {Read More}

Delicious Strawberry Play Dough

When working with kids who have food aversions, I like to do some fun activities with food that provide some of the sensory experience of food, but in a fun atmosphere without the required eating of the food. I want the fun item to be edible though in case we can get some tasting of the food happening. Food based play dough has given itself perfectly to this activity, and today I have created a delicious strawberry play dough that {Read More}

Is Sensory Over Used?

I have run into multiple circumstances (with multiple families) in the past where caregivers are insisting that their child has a sensory disorder. The child is evaluated and the sensory function is determined to be typical of other children. The problem lies in the fact that the caregiver continues to insist that the child has a sensory problem where there isn’t one. There are many children who have sensory problems that are affecting their life, but there is also a {Read More}