Making a Crash Pad

A crash pad is a big foam filled squishy mat that you can fall onto and you land on the squishy foam. Crash pads are great fun for kids who like a lot of movement and body input since they can roll around in the big foam nest. Kids need to always be supervised when using such equipment since they may feel invincible with all of that foam, and so they will try things that may not be safe. I {Read More}

Fun foam on the Mirror

One of my absolute favorite activities with young kids is playing with fun foam shapes on a mirror. It works well in the bathtub, shower, or on a glass door too. You spay the glass surface with water (great squeezing activity) and then the foam shapes will stick to the glass. I will often have the kids work on balance and crossing mid-line while reaching at the same time. We can sit on a bolster, ball, or t-stool and reach {Read More}

Making Adapted Seating

I have been using coroplast for years to make things out of, and have used it to adapt seating, make clothespin games frames, make guinea pig cages, and to make other things around my house and therapy office.  It is a corrugated plastic, so it is a lot like cardboard, but it is plastic.  I use Tri-wall to make little chairs and trays out of, but the cool thing about the Coroplast is that it is easily cleaned because it {Read More}

Putting Ourselves In A Box To Help Parent’s Think Outside Of Theirs

There is an awesome new product in the shop that was created by a pediatric PT and a Speech therapist.  It is a set of cards focused on early intervention development and activities called 1-2-3 Just Play With Me.  I will let the creators of this product explain to you what it is and what it does. We welcome this guest post By: Nicole M. Sergent, MPT & Lacy Morise MS, CCC-SLP As an early intervention Physical Therapist, I go {Read More}

Tummy Time – The Basics

What is tummy time? Why is it used? Is it necessary? Tummy time is when you have your baby spend some awake time on their stomach. It is a fairly recent term that was started after the “Back to Sleep” campaign began here in the United States. Let’s look at it from a motor development perspective. When a baby is born, they have been all curled and flexed up in the womb for months. When they come out, their muscles {Read More}