New Button Pizzas and Patterns to Make Your Own

The button pizza, sandwich and oreo are so great for working on fine motor and motor planning skills in a fun way.  I ran out of the button food available in the shop quite a while ago, and have found it difficult to find a sewing manufacturer that is affordable.  So I have been developing a way to make the button food that does not require sewing. I am happy to share that the button food is now available in {Read More}

Car Mat for Pre-Writing

Young pre-school kids love playing with cars, and they are developing a whole slew of skills while they are playing. It is the perfect activity that is simple, can be self-directed or adult influenced, and every part of the activity works on a skill that is needed in life. When you play on a car mat, you use the car to follow the roads, find the gas station to drive to and fill up your car, turn left, turn right, {Read More}

Rush Hour Junior

I know that many therapists love and use the game Rush Hour to work on some skills.  I have a tendency to dislike playing these types of games myself as I don’t really like the challenge, but this Rush Hour Jr Game edition is easier to play, and if you get stuck, there are cheater instructions (which I used for the higher levels).  One thing that I found I would use this game for, is to work on visual perception {Read More}

Kids love stuffing the stretchy cheese

I have posted before about the Stretchy Mice and Cheese, and since then, I use it all of the time.  When I pull it out, the  kids are so excited about it and everyone wants to play with it.  I think it is so much fun because it is unexpected.  You can fit a surprising number of small items into the cheese. The little mice that came with it did not hold up very well, and they got very distorted {Read More}

20 + Small Manipulatives for Fine Motor

When looking in my therapy bag, there are a few things that I always have with me. For higher level fine motor work, I always like to have small little manipulatives and some Training Chopsticks. I have posted about these items before, but they really are a great go to item that works on the skills that I want to work on. You can use almost any item as a small manipulative, and can use any tool in place of {Read More}