Fine Motor Skills and Typing

When a child has difficulty with handwriting or can’t keep up in class, many people jump to the statement that they can just type instead. But can they? There are a lot of fine motor skills that go into typing, and it takes years to master the skill to be able to type with more speed than it takes to write, so is typing really the answer? Let’s take a look at what fine motor skills are required to type. {Read More}

Carly Fleischmann Has a Youtube Interview Channel

Have you heard of Carly Fleischmann?  She is a young woman who has autism, and she is unable to speak by mouth.  She is, however able to type on a keyboard, and so is therefore able to communicate with people, and she has some great things to say.  Carly just started a Youtube channel called Speechless With Carly Fleischmann where she is a talk show host, and her first guest was Channing Tatum. She had an awesome interview, and it {Read More}

Why I started my blog

I have been posting a few things about blogging, so I thought I would add some information that was originally posted over at the OT Notes blog.  Cheryl asked me some questions that I answered about my business and blogging, so I thought I would share some parts of it here regarding the blogging aspect. I initially started Therapy Fun Zone near the end of my first year as a school therapist. I was a very experienced therapist, and had {Read More}

Things I Love About Your Blog

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the things that I hate about your blog, and now I am going to tell you a few things that I love about your blog. I love links to your inspiration and to additional Posts that are similar. I love lots of pictures of the activities that you post about. I love printables. Even though I rarely print and use other people’s printables (I have too many of my own), I {Read More}

How do you follow the blogs you love?

So do you love keeping up with blogs and following along with their posts?  Do you wonder what the best way to follow a blog is?  At one point, the tried and true way to follow a blog was through google reader, but that way no longer exists.  There are a few options that you have to consider, and you have to use what works for you.  The one that I use is  I know that a lot of {Read More}