Slowing Down With Scissor Cutting

I recently was doing an evaluation, and the student was just snipping at the paper as fast and furiously as she could.  When I tried to help her position the paper or the scissors better, she just pushed me away and kept snipping.  She gave no attempt to follow the lines that she was supposed to be cutting.  I decided to try to slow her down by making it harder for her to snip. I took what was left of {Read More}

Make Your Own Zoom-Ball

Every clinic needs to have a Zoom Ball since it is so great for working on so many skills. You hold the handles and pull them out wide so that the zoom-ball moves along the two strings to the person holding the other handles. In order to make your own zoom ball, you just need two water bottles, scissors, two long pieces of string, and some duct tape. You cut the spout top of the bottles off, string the string {Read More}

Simple matching with clothespins

This is a very simple activity that is easily used with a scooterboard or other motor activity.  You start with clothespins at one end of the room with numbers written on them.  The child attaches the clothespins to the bottom of their shirt.  You could have a ribbon for them to attach them to if you want.  Then the student must get on the scooterboard and go down to the other end of the room where there is a paper {Read More}

Motor Control With Magnet Paths

A fun activity that we did at a Zaner Bloser workshop that I went to while at the OTAC spring fling, were these pages with paths on them. You place a metal piece on the path (I used a metal nut) with a magnet underneath. Then you move the magnet to make your piece follow the path. I thought that I would try this out with the pencil adventures, and it works perfectly. The ones I am using have been {Read More}

App review: Ready to Print

I got a chance to try out the app Ready to Print over the weekend.  This app just recently came out, and I have wanted to try it out, but sadly, I do not own an iPad.  I hope to remedy that fact as soon as I have some money saved up for it, but in the meantime, my cousin was visiting this weekend, and she brought her iPad (thank you LouAnn).  She is also a pediatric Occupational Therapist, and {Read More}