Clean Mud

Playing in mud is a great sensory and tactile activity, but it can be very messy. This “clean mud” activity gives a similar sensation to regular mud, but you come away from the activity cleaner than when you started. You need a plastic tub or bucket with a couple of inches of water. You add a squirt of dish soap, and then start adding pieces of toilet paper. As you play in the water and toilet paper mixture, the paper {Read More}

Sensory Search in Rice and Beans

An activity that uses the tactile and visual motor sensory systems is to search for items in a box of rice and beans. You get a small box (shoe box size or larger) and put in some dry rice and beans so that it is about half way full. Then you need to get small toys that will be used in the rice and beans. You will need to take pictures of the toys so that the client can look {Read More}

Messy Play and Fine Motor with Munchy Ball

Now that I have the new vinyl Munchy Balls, I was eager to use them in messy play.  I started simple with water beads, which are the perfect size to feed to the Munchy Ball.  It was fun to fill the ball up all the way and then have the ball spit out all of the beads.  We fed the water beads one at a time, and we had the Munchy Ball gulp up the beads by the mouthful.  The {Read More}

Attaching a Chewy

Many kids benefit from using a chewy as a calming activity, and to use as a replacement for chewing on things that are not good to chew on. So if a child needs a chewy, they need to have it available to them. For kids who are lower functioning, they will not keep the chewy in their pocket and they will break or chew right through the retractable strings that some chewies come with. Some will tolerate wearing a break-away {Read More}

Making a Comfortable Weighted Pencil

Let’s talk about weighted pencils.  Abby has a nice post about making weighted pencils.  I have used weighted pencil kits to add weight onto a regular pencil, and I have seen the do it yourself pencil weights using hex nuts, but there are some things that have always bothered me about them. The metal on the pencil is uncomfortable to hold, and can be slippery. If you put the weight low, it is weird to hold onto. If you put {Read More}