To cast or not to cast? Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

This is a guest post, written by: Corey W. Stone, MS, OTR/L; Treating Therapist – UAB Pediatric Neuromotor Clinic When people ask me about constraint therapy I never feel like they truly understand what I am talking about. “You mean to tell me you are putting this kid’s good arm in a cast, and making them do everything with their bad arm? That seems mean.” If I don’t get a blank stare back when I explain what I do, then {Read More}

Pool Noodle Batting and Hitting Suspended Balls

Pool noodles make great bats, and have several factors that make them perfect for the job in therapy. You can cut them to just the right length for the person using them They are soft so if you get hit by it, it won’t hurt you They are fat, which makes it easier to hold on to for some people I like to use a balloon or beach ball, or even suspend a ball with a string for the student {Read More}

Pool Noodle Ball Run

I saw these pool noodles at the grocery store, and they had extra large holes in the middle. I just knew that they would work for an activity. I made a frame out of four pvc pipes, using duct tape to hold them together at the top. I then attached regular pool noodles to the frame to give something for the ball run pieces to attach to. I cut the large-holed noodles in half length wise to make the run {Read More}

Hammock swing for strengthening

A hammock swing is wonderful for strengthening in many different ways.  My favorite position in a hammock swing is prone with just the head and arms sticking out.  This position forces weight bearing on the arms, and works on full upper body strengthening as well as core strengthening. I usually place things around under the hammock, but just out of reach so that the client has to pull themselves along to reach the toys.  It is great to encourage movement, {Read More}

Using a ball ramp to work on fine motor and visual perception

I have a little girl that I work with who needs to work on her fine motor precision and visual perception.  The perfect toy for her to play with and work on these is a marble ramp, but she puts things in her mouth, and I am afraid that one time I might not be faster than she is to keep the marbles out of her mouth.  Marbles are an awesome fine motor tool, but not for a child who {Read More}