Scissor Cutting Shapes: Pizza

When working on cutting skills, it is fun to create something out of what you cut. This week I had some of my students make some pizza. I made a template for the shapes needed to make the pizza, and they traced the shapes, cut them out and glued them on to their paper. I printed one sheet in color that I made as an example for them to follow. Once they had all of the toppings to their pizza {Read More}

Scissor Cutting Turkey Template

Making Turkeys for Thanksgiving is a great time to incorporate a lot of skills into your therapy session. I love that the feathers are perfect for writing on and being able to create a thankful craft. Cutting with scissors is a skill that works on bimanual skills, motor planning, fine motor, etc. I have created some templates to practice cutting, coloring, and then paste them together to create the picture. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, here is a {Read More}

More Q-Tip Painting Templates

When I first gave a student q-tips to paint with, she did a lot of smearing and squishing of the paint on the paper.  She was working those fine muscles of the hand, but there was a little something missing from the picture.  It was a very nice masterpiece, but lacked the lovely dots that can be made when using a q-tip as your method of paint application.  Using q-tips to apply paint really helps force that tripod grasp that {Read More}

Using Stick Paint in Projects

I love doing projects and activities in Occupational Therapy because the kids can get a chance to fine tune their skills and abilities while they are doing an actual task. Painting is great for projects ,but it is really hard to transport and set up the paint when you are traveling from school to school and it can be messy. Well check out these Kwik Stix. They are made by The Pencil Grip, which is the company that makes my {Read More}

Coloring and Cutting Shapes for a Picture

For this activity, we are incorporating very simple coloring and cutting of easy shapes. Then you can put those shapes together to make a pretty picture to take home. Two simple designs to choose from are a flower or a butterfly. With the flower, you have a circle for the center and ovals for the petals. You then glue or tape the shapes into a flower design, and attach it either to some paper or to a popsicle stick. For {Read More}