Toddler age Potty Training Tips

Here are some tips that have helped me with potty training both my own kids and some of the kids that I have worked with. Naked Time · Have some “naked time” at home when able to be well supervised. You want your child to feel what is happening and feel the sensation of getting wet. Wearing a pull-up or diaper all of the time makes it difficult to associate the sensation of wetness to how it happened. Special Potty {Read More}

Teaching Shoe Tying: Tips and Tricks

Tying shoes is a very complex skill that can be very difficult to learn. There are so many skill areas that are used when tying shoes, that if you have a deficit in one of those skills, then you will have trouble tying shoes. Not only does it require fine motor skills, you need good visual perception, and good visual motor abilities, bimanual hand use, and hand strength. Here are some tips that can help when teaching tying shoes. 1. {Read More}

Tying Ribbon to Make a Spring Tree

I loved the activity that I did where the kids had to tie ribbon onto a stick to make a tree. The activity turned out beautiful, and it really targeted the tying skill, which is usually a pretty difficult skill to attain. Since then, I have been thinking about other activities that would target tying, and I wanted those activities to have a similar quality. I thought that the pretty pink cherry blossoms would lend itself well to this skill. {Read More}

Pine Cone Bird Feeder and Spreading with a Knife

Spreading can be a challenge for many kids, so here is a fun activity that helps practice. You use a pine cone and attach a wire or string to the top of it so that you can hang it once it is finished. You then spread peanut butter all over the pine cone. It can be messy, and obviously not an activity for someone who is allergic to peanuts, but alternate butters can be used, such as sun butter (made {Read More}

Car Wash

When the weather is warm, it is always fun to play in the water. Here is a fun activity that has water play, with some self-care skills and fine motor skills all mixed into one activity. When washing your hands, you use visual perception and motor planning to see and physically scrub the dirt off of them. In order to work on this skill using a fun activity, I set up a car wash. Really, I guess I should say {Read More}